Rough Control
Extremely great quality
Be ready to get to know the gaming on a new level. With DreamPad Rough Control you will feel, what it means to game at the highest speed. The specially projected surface will help you prevent defeat and show the opponent, who is the real winner. Made with the utmost care, it was created from the combination of the best quality materials carefully selected to give players the opportunity to take full advantage of the capabilities of their mice.
Get full control
With DreamPad Rough Control you will get full control on gameplay and your mouse. We know that each second can shift the tide of victory to the opponent's side. Because of this, DreamPad Rough Control was made of special materials, providing you with super adhesion to the ground while maintaining full control over the movements of the mouse.
Perfect stabilization
Pad stabilization is a key element of comfortable gameplay. With DreamPad Rough Control you can be sure, that every shot you make at your opponent will be well-aimed! A special non-slip coating was designed so that nothing can move it from the designated place.
Elastic coating for a better grip to surface
Flat stitching on the edges
Increased roughness of the surface
Optimal dimensions
DreamPad Rough Control has the ideal sizes for everyday gaming. The thickness of 0.15 IN makes it an optimal surface for your mouse. The hardness of the pad was designed in a way so that it remained flexible enough for you to take it with you wherever you want!
17.7 IN
15.7 IN
Compatible with every mouse
On this pad every mouse is bound to work perfectly! No matter if you prefer optical or laser mice, you can be sure that each mouse will perform exactly as you want. With the slightly rough surface, every move of your mouse will be as percise as ever. Every move will definitely be accurate and recorded in the game.
Every detail is important
DreamPad Rough Control is not only the highest quality materials that will provide you great entertainment, but also a modern and elegant design. When you put the DreamPad Rough Control on your desk, you know that it will always look good thanks to the aesthetic finish and tasteful details.
Model name:
DreamPad Rough Control
29 PLN
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Surface type:
400x450x4 mm/ 15.7x17.7x0.16”
Non-slip rubber
Compatible with:
Laser&optical sensors
Surface type: